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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

Easy Horse Care Centre in Five Donkey Rescue

Monday September 9th seemed just another busy day for Sue and Rod Weeding, co founders of The Easy Horse Care Centre in Rojales.

That was until they received a telephone call from Sara Domenech Cordoba a volunteer at APADAC (Asociacion Protectora de Animales Domesticos Abandonados de Callosa de Segura)

She had alerted them three years ago to the plight of two horses locked in a garage, starving to death in nearby Daya Vieja which EHCRC rescued without delay. Many of you will now know them as Captain and Hope.
Now she wanted their help again.

She had been told by another animal charity ASOKA in Orihuela of a house near Redovan where there had been reported that twenty dogs were caged in appalling conditions. To her horror there were also five donkeys there in poor condition and malnourished. A friend of hers had been trying to feed the donkeys but the property was locked and there was a high fence.
So the next day when all permissions had been gained Sue and Rod along with one of the Rescue Centre volunteers went to pick up the donkeys..

Sue explains. "When we got there most of the dogs had been taken by APADAC from Callosa de Segura, SATS from Dolores and ASOKA Orihuela. We were pleased to see that the Guardia Civil and Policia Local were also in attendance assisting in the rescue along with many local Spanish residents. The conditions were dreadful, infestation of the worst kind was evident. Some of the donkeys had open sores and it was obvious they had been neglected badly because their hooves were so long they had difficulty in standing up let alone walking. We managed to get the worst two into the horsebox and took them back to the rescue centre. When we returned for the other three the police and representatives of APADAC were still their waiting to help."

The donkeys are now in the care of the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre. Where they are receiving all the necessary attention and care needed to get them back to full health.
Sue added " It was fantastic to see all the different agencies working together. It is very encouraging that when local Spanish people find out about the ill treatment of animals they are now prepared to alert the authorities and not turn a blind eye. The Guardia Civil and Policia Local were very interested to know more about what we do at the EHCRC. I was very impressed with the way they handled the situation and assisted us to get these donkeys out to a better life"

The EHCRC is a registered charity and foundation and rely on donations and revenue from their five charity shops and there popular Sunday open days from 1pm where you get to meet all the residents and hear their stories. Admission is free
For information or directions please visit our web site www.easyhorsecare.net
or call Sue on 652 021 980 or see us on face book.
We also have our English tack shop at the Rescue Centre open 7 days from 10 am

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